Our Services
Our services are provided in your office unless you prefer otherwise. This allows you to focus on your non-financial business objectives while CFO and Controller Services assists you in accomplishing your financial objectives.

As your company’s permanent part-time or interim full-time CFO, we assume the same duties as an employee, including:
• Accounting
• Budgeting
• Drafting Business Plans
• Financial forecasting and planning
• Creation and/or maintenance of Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cashflow forecasts
• Treasury Functions
• Risk Management
• Preparing for and managing the audit process
Unless agreed to in advance:
• We bill on an hourly rate or monthly retainer
• We only bill for time incurred onsite.
• We do not bill for travel to and from your place of business.
• We do not bill for phone call time.
• We do not bill for email time.
• We bill on an hourly rate or monthly retainer.

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